Thursday, April 20, 2017

Social Issue...Euthanasia

Social Issues organizations
My social issue is Euthanasia and I found some organizations that support Euthanasia. One of them I found was this organization is supporting euthanasia and wants it too be allowed in more states because they think that everyone has a right to say when they die. Its a nonprofit organization that expands freedom of the qualified terminally ill. They get you to sign a petition or send a letter in telling them that you want to support it so that they have more votes or signatures to support it. The other organization I found was this is supporting Euthanasia/ Assisted suicide. They have you send your choice of an amount of money each month to help support Euthanasia. They want people to have an opinion and choice in there death when they're very very i'll.

My Social Issue
Social issues, My definition of social issues is things happening around the world in our everyday lives like war, abuse, illegal immigrants, laws, euthanasia, cancer, bullying, pollution, dirty water, and many more things. Its mostly starting with us we cause these social issues. In my English class we are starting this project on social issues where we go through many weeks and research and write our paper on our social issues we chose. My social issue I chose is Euthanasia and for those who may not know what this is, it is Assisted Suicide. Its when someone has a incurable and a painful disease or irreversible coma and that want medical people to help them die so they don't have too have that pain anymore. I  really like this topic because it has multiple peoples opinions on how they want to die.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Argumentative Stance #2 Counter Claim

My counter claim is that my religion is right and yours is wrong some people might believe them because they probably think there religion is the only one that is pure to us. They most likely are a very religious family that only believes there religion is strictly correct. They may also think that there is only there god and thats there god. That christian is correct because it truly protects, nurtures, and develops us. That god is our one true god he died for us so we should be christian and only christian because if we don't we wouldn't go to heaven.

 Source: Banagura, David. "Why Catholicism is the True religion." Why Catholicism is the True Religion. David G. Banagura, 24 Aug. 2014. Web. 16 Feb. 2017.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Argumentative Stance #1

My argumentative stance is people who do not have the same religion as me are wrong, I don't think the same I think that its fine to have different religions. in this article on they wrote about how its okay to have a different religion than others like your family. I totally believe this its okay to have a different religion but always remember to respect there religious choices, because even though they might not believe in the God you believe in you shouldn't get mad/stressed over it. Just keep going with your religion and stick with it because that's how you know you have good faith and respect.You may think that its wrong to believe in a religion different from mine but i'm not gonna go out and change my religion because someone doesn't like it. That would not be good, it would be wrong to change it because someone didn't like it.

Monday, January 9, 2017

This is Milbank

           Milbank, SD Main Street the main part of the town.Full of new fun stores to shop at.One of the fun updated stores is Urban Threads, a cool women's clothing store with lots of cool shirts dresses than you could dress down or dress it up if you wanted to.There is also a new store called Whimsy on Main is a cute women's boutique that was highly needed.Some other stores are Great Western Bank , Milbank Eye Care , And Street Graphics. Some places to get something to eat is Pizza Ranch and Triple Dip Lodge with ice cream.A fun play to go and watch a movie and eat some candy and popcorn is Mills Theater where you can see the latest and greatest movies.Up above all those stores on main street is a mural combined with the legion baseball and the schools High School football team and the windmill thats been there for years.

         The Community plays a big roll in the Milbank area community.They help make this better and more fun for everyone to enjoy.Some of the main places to go is the ice skating and Lake Farley where they hold fun games and events.They help clean up our community and donate it so we can have our fun places to go so this isn't a boring place to be.

        Milbanks Athletics are also a big part in the community.They bring kids together and help them build team bonding or how to think strategically.There many great sports here like volleyball, football, and many more.Even though there are many great sports you can always go watch and support them if you dont want to play them.

Monday, December 5, 2016

3 Reasons why I love snow/first snowfall

The top 3 reasons why i love snow/first snowfall!!

Reason number 1.When it snows its all white, fluffy, and Shimmers in the sun. Reason number 2.The first snowstorm because theres no school, i get to drink Scorching hot  chocolate and cuddle with warm blankets watching movies.Reason 3 because its my favorite time of the year,

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Weekend

      This weekend was pretty fun!We didn't have school on Friday because we had a snowstorm, half of the day we couldn't see the road because it was that bad.So on Friday i got to sleep in and watch my favorite Netflix show Stranger Things, .I also had hot chocolate and played with my sisters and brother.
       On Saturday I went to go get groceries with my family.we also got decorations for my sisters birthday party, shes turning 1 year old!After that i watched my 2 younger sisters while my mom and brother shoveled off snow so we din't have to walk through it.Then i hung out with my family and stayed up late!
       On Sunday I went to church and went to go get more groceries  because we forgot some things.Then we set up for my sisters birthday.The whole family came over to see us and celebrate.Me and my cousins hung out the whole time it was really fun.After all the guests  left we cleaned up and me and my brother and older sister had to go shovel off the trampoline, It didn't take us that long since we were working together. Then i went to dance and went home watched tv. Then i finished up Reading Plus and wen to bed.I had a good weekend and hopefully u guys did to!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homecoming Week

   Homecoming week is this week!Everyone is super excited!What We do this week Have dress up days and have coronation,and a football game FNL.

   What are dress up days are for this week are Today is Athletic Day,Tuesday is Gender Bender day where if your a boy you dress up as a girl and if your a girl you'd dress up as a boy. Wednesday is tropical day where u can dress up all tropical. Thursday is Hobo day where you dress up as a hobo.Friday is Maroon and Gold day because those are my schools colors and that day we have big parade and a homecoming football game.

   Homecoming week is a fun week for everyone especially the kids because theirs games and a parade and special days for the school.Every one wears bulldog attire because thats our mascot.Cant wait for the week you guys have great week to.Talk to u later!